New Survey Suggests UK Residents Don’t Know The Importance Of UV Protection

New Survey Suggests UK Residents Don’t Know The Importance Of UV Protection

The UK charity Fight for Sight released results from a recent survey that suggest most UK residents aren’t wearing proper UV-protection on a regular basis. Charity workers hope this data will better inform the public on the eye health benefits of wearing approved sunglasses when outside, even when it’s cloudy.

Over 2,000 adults across the UK took part in this YouGov poll. Just over half of survey respondents said they either didn’t wear sunglasses or they only wore them occasionally.

What study authors found even more distressing was that most UK residents didn’t know the risks of heightened UV exposure. 56 percent of respondents said they didn’t know that wearing sunglasses with UV-protection could significantly decrease a person’s risk of developing cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Many survey participants also couldn’t tell the difference between myths and facts concerning UV rays and eye health. For instance, many people said damage to the eyes caused by UV rays wasn’t permanent. Some UK residents believed all sunglasses offered equal protection, which is also a myth.

Leaders at Fight for Sight hope their survey will dispel common misconceptions surrounding sunglasses use. They hope that everyone reading their study will be inspired to get in the habit of wearing European Union-approved UV-protecting sunglasses every day. Encouraging people to wear sunglasses could prevent many eye care diseases, which would only help improve the National Health Service (NHS).

For more information on this and other studies, people can visit Fight for Sight’s website at https://www.fightforsight.org.uk/. Fight for Sight is headquartered at 18 Mansell Street in London.

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