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Anyone searching for contact lenses with serious personality should check out Alcon’s FreshLook catalogue. Created at CIBA Vision, FreshLook is a coloured contact lenses brand that offers both opaque and enhancement lenses. Whether you want to radically change your eye colour or simply add a subtle tint, you’ll find a shade to suit your style in’s FreshLook catalogue.

Below, we’ll share more info on the FreshLook brand and what varieties are available on We’ll also fill you in on the major distinctions between opaque and enhancement coloured contacts.

What Are FreshLook Contacts?

As mentioned in the intro, FreshLook is a coloured contact lens brand that’s a part of the multinational corporation Alcon. There are currently three major varieties in the FreshLook family: Colorblends, Colours, and Dimensions. You can learn more about the differences between these brands when we detail the FreshLook catalogue below.

FreshLook is perhaps best known for its unique 3-in-1 colour enhancing technology. The “three colours” referred to in this technology include one primary colour, a thin outer ring, and a light ring around the pupil. According to the company, all three of these shades are designed to naturally change the wearer’s hereditary eye colour to his/her desired shade.

Although the 3-in-1 technology is quite popular, FreshLook also offers opaque lenses to patients who crave bolder shades. These lenses are particularly popular with people who have naturally dark eye colours.

There are now both monthly and daily disposable lenses in the FreshLook catalogue. FreshLook also offers zero-powered contacts for customers who want cosmetic coloured lenses.

Opaque vs. Enhancement: What’s The Difference?

Before we take a closer look at the FreshLook contacts on, we should go over the difference between opaque and enhancement contacts. Knowing how to define these two coloured lens styles will help you pick the perfect pair of contacts from our online store.

First off, opaque contacts are designed with a non-transparent coloured tint. This means they often appear rather bold once you place them over your eyes. Because they mask your eyes’ natural colour, opaque contacts are the best lens for people with dark brown eyes.

Enhancement contacts, on the other hand, are considered semi-transparent. Because they are designed to blend with your natural eye colour, these contacts usually don’t appear as striking as opaque lenses. People with lighter coloured eyes are perfect candidates for these subtler shades.

Of course, deciding whether opaque or enhancement contacts are best for you depends on your preferences. You can always ask your optometrist for guidance when picking your coloured contacts. Feel free to experiment with different colour shades until you find the ideal effect.

For more information on coloured contacts, be sure to check out this blog post on’s Eye Health Central blog.

What FreshLook Contacts Are On

To meet the increased demand for high-quality coloured lenses, now offers all of the major FreshLook varieties. To help you better understand the differences between these offerings, let’s quickly run through each product.

FreshLook Colours

For the strongest colours in the FreshLook portfolio, look no further than FreshLook Colors. These monthly disposable contacts have opaque tints that will certainly make your peepers pop out.

Here are the FreshLook Colors now available on

• Blue

• Green

• Hazel

• Misty Grey

• Sapphire Blue

• Violet

Each box of FreshLook Colors comes with two lenses packaged in a saline solution. With proper care, you should be able to wear these contacts for 30 days. Keep in mind, however, FreshLook Colors weren’t designed for overnight wear.

Find out more about FreshLook Colors by clicking on this link to

FreshLook Colorblends

Unlike FreshLook Color, FreshLook Colorblends use the signature 3-in-1 enhancement technology to provide users with a more natural iris colour. As mentioned earlier, this unique technology contains one primary pigment around the iris as well as two complementary inner and outer rings. All three of these tints work with your iris to create a well-blended eye colour.

Here are just a few of the Colorblends now available for purchase on

• Amethyst

• Blue

• Brilliant Blue

• Brown

• Green

• Gemstone Green

• Sterling Grey

• Turquoise

• Honey

You can take a closer look at the Colorblends now on by following this link.

FreshLook Dimensions

People with light eyes might prefer wearing one of the three colours available in FreshLook Dimensions’ catalogue. Although the collection is small, each of these lenses has been carefully designed to provide excellent colour enhancement for people with blue or green eyes.

The three colours now in the FreshLook Dimensions line include:

• Caribbean Aqua

• Pacific Blue

• Sea Green

Don’t hesitate to visit our FreshLook Dimensions’ webpage to take a closer look at these unique lenses.

By the way, also offers zero-powered Freshlook Dimensions for people with clear vision. Just remember to get a professional contact lens fitting before ordering any coloured contact lens. Wearing improperly fitted contacts can cause significant eye discomfort.

FreshLook One Day

Anyone who enjoys the convenience of daily disposable lenses will be happy to know Alcon offers a line of daily-wear coloured lenses. Called FreshLook One Day, these contacts were created by blending the colour enhancing technology in Colorblends with Alcon’s famous Dailies brand.

Here are the FreshLook One Day colours you can now choose from:

• Blue

• Green

• Hazel

• Grey

People interested in learning more about FreshLook One Day should click on this link. You could also find the entire daily disposable catalogue by visiting this page on

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