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Every contact lens wearer should have a handy contact lens case in their bathroom to properly disinfect contact lenses overnight. This is especially true for people prescribed reusable lenses that require daily “baths” in contact lens solution.

Regularly placing your lenses in disinfectant solution will significantly reduce the chance your lenses will pick up a nasty infection. Plus, thanks to their convenient design, contact lens cases are essential for contacts wearers who do a lot of travelling.

On our website, you’ll find a fun and funky array of contact lens cases perfect for everyone’s personality. Whether you want an inconspicuous design, an off-the-wall crazy case, or something in-between, we’re sure you’ll find something to your liking in our contact lens cases range.

For example, we now offer eight colourful animal-themed contact lens cases ranging from turquoise bears to purple elephants. We also have quirky cases with camellia flowers, coffee beans, race-cars, and shell designs perfect for contact lens wearers of all ages.

No matter what case you purchase, you can be assured you’re getting an extremely durable, leak-proof product. Plus, all of our cases work for both soft and gas permeable contacts.

Quick Question: How Often Should I Change My Case?

One question new contacts wearers often have is how often they should replace their contact lens cases. Although not all optometrists agree on this issue, it’s a good idea to swap out your contact lens case every three months to avoid a buildup of bacteria and debris. However, in our view, every month is better form a hygiene point of view.

Of course, there’s no hard-and-set rule for when you should get rid of contacts lens cases, so ask your optometrist for more specific information. You could also consult your solution’s manufacturer and see what they have to say about replacing your contacts cases.

So, why not take a peek at our fantastic assortment of contacts lens cases? Something’s bound to speak to your style in our cool case range.