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Do you find yourself struggling to read your favorite books? Perhaps you have a few reading glasses strewn across the house? If so, it’s probably time you thought about multifocal contacts.

Multifocal contacts or varifocal contact lenses are designed to work just like traditional bifocal glasses. In addition to correcting your underlying refractive error (e.g. myopia), these multifocal contacts could decrease symptoms of age-related farsightedness. 

Presbyopia: A Growing Concern In The UK 

Presbyopia is becoming an increasingly common problem in the contemporary world - as populations age then an increasing percentage of the population will experience difficulties in reading small print.

The chances of experiencing presbyopia’s telltale signs like blurred near vision dramatically increases after a person reaches 40 years old.

As the UK population ages, finding ways to help people combat presbyopia will become an increasingly important public health issue.

Traditionally, once a contact lens wearer reached about 45 years old and started to have problems reading with their contact lenses in, the only option for the Optometrist was to prescribe reading glasses to be worn over the contact lenses - hardly an ideal solution, when the whole point of contact lenses is NOT to wear glasses! 

To address this issue, and to provide customers with a convenient way to read with their contact lenses, without having to wear glasses over the top, all of the major contact lens companies like Johnson & Johnson and Alcon spent huge amounts of money in research and development into Multifocal contact lenses. The result of all this research was a variety of Multifocal Contact lenses, using a variety of clever technical ways to incorporate two separate  powers - distance and reading powers - into ONE contact lens. The fruits of this research are now available with technically advanced silicone monthly multifocal contact lenses like Air Optix Multifocal plus Hydraglyde and even Daily Multifocal contact lenses.

Today, many Optometrists believe multifocal contact lenses are an efficient way for presbyopia patients to experience relief from troubling reading visual symptoms and they are one of the fastest growing segment of the contact lens market.

However, multifocal contact lenses are a more complex product to get the powers exactly right, and it is strongly recommended that a customer has a full sight test and multifocal contact lens trial at their Optometrists before buying these lenses. Even a small error in distance or reading powers can make it difficult to see optimally with multifocal lenses.

Because conditions like presbyopia increase with age, the NHS recommends older patients get at least one vision check-up per year to keep on top of diseases. People under 50 without pre-existing eye conditions should get an eye checkup at least once every two years.

Look Into’s Multifocal Product Line

We are proud to offer a great selection of multifocal contacts from some of the eye care industry’s best brands. Just a few multifocal contact lensesthat are popular with customers are Air Optix Multifocal, Biofinity MultifocalDailies Aquacomfort Plus Multifocal, and Proclear Multifocal

You’ll notice some of the multifocal contacts on our website are intended for one day use. Wearing dailies is not only convenient for presbyopia sufferers, it also significantly reduces the risk of infections and eye irritation. 

Please look through all of the multifocal contacts available on our website to see if these lenses are a good fit for you. If you’ve still got questions, then meet with a registered Optometrist and ask about the benefits of adding multifocal contacts to your life.